George Orwell


Social criticism, science fiction, dystopia

Own and read. 326 pages.

First read (June 2011)Edit

11 06 18 1984

Finished - June 18th '11


Got it for Christmas 2010, from Mark, along with Animal Farm.

Started reading it on June 10th 2011, after finishing Animal Farm actually. Animal Farm was quite short and I was in the mood for some more. It did turn out to be quite an elaboration of the same themes, indeed.

I finished it on June 18th having read it on buses to a school placement mostly. It was quite weird, I'm not sure how much I liked it. It was certainly readable, and interesting at points, but it didn't hit me like I thought it would. I suppose I'm glad to have read it, anyway.

Rating and awardsEdit


Number 8 on the BBC's Big Read

Number 4 on the 2006 World Book Day poll.

Reading RecordEdit

Previous book: George Orwell, Animal Farm

Next book: Greg Bear, Blood Music

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