A History of God


Karen Armstrong



One of a few books mentioned by Evid3nc3 on YouTube, this one is featured in particular in 3.3.3 Atheism: A History of God (Part 1). 468 pages, I think.

First attempt (February 2011)Edit

11 02 12 A History of God

Bored - Feb 12th '11.


After Evid3nc3 released the first part of his videos on A History of God I was intrigued and looked it up at my local library, to discover that a copy was available. So, in January 2011, I got a(nother) new library card and withdrew it. I was in the middle of reading The Blind Watchmaker but it was boring me a bit and after watching Evid3nc3's video I thought I might finish it off pretty quickly if it was really good.

Nevertheless, after a delay getting to the library I left it lying around until I'd finished The Blind Watchmaker. I started it on the 6th of February and was immediately irritated by Armstrong's characteristically airy-fairyness about "God", blathering on about priests who could have told her years ago that God doesn't "really exist", but is still important. I hate that sort of shit. I though it would be quite interesting to see where she's coming from, though, what her perspective actually is, but on the 12th after starting chapter 2 I gave up, it's just too much unsubstantiated "Ultimate Reality" waffle. Compared very unfavourably with Guns, Germs, and Steel for its anthropology.



Reading RecordEdit

Previous book: Richard Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker

Next book: Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

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