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A Very Literary Wiki began as a sort of notebook for an avid book-reader, with the intention of reminding him what books he meant to read, and why - a place to note what he'd heard about them and to organise them so he could choose what he felt like reading next.

It rapidly grew to incorporate his thoughts about the books he read, and for a time it was good. As of January 2014 it has been 4 years and it has expanded to cover a wider range of story-telling: books, films, TV series, and video games currently.

A souped-up booklist, a cross-referenced, annotated, categorised collection of post-it notes. Whenever I hear or read something about a book or author that would interest me I will scribble it down here, and it is my hope that out of these scrawlings will emerge a web of organised references to every book, author, essay, short story and article that enters my experience, never to fade away into the mist of old and obfuscated mental notes.
-Pluvialis, December 30th 2009

Currently reading:

Last read: Paul S. Kemp, Lords of the Sith

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Last film watched: Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Current TV series: Dennou Coil (II), Rick and Morty (season 3), Blue Planet II

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