Alien novel. Normally something I would avoid like the plague, but it was recommended on reddit in a way that sold it to me[1].


My paperback was 278 actual pages long, but I imagine it's a lot less standard pages. A rough calculation puts it at 205[2].

First read (December 2014 - January 2015)Edit

15 01 04 Aliens Earth Hive

Finished, January 4th 2014.

15 01 04 Aliens Earth Hive

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Secondhand paperback


Ordered it on the 21st of October 2013, secondhand from Amazon, alongside another highly recommended novelisation - Constantine.

Read it in pretty short order. It was mostly pretty trash, very pulpy, but the ending was sort of interesting.

Decidedly not on the same order as Shogun.



Links and referencesEdit

  1. "Honestly some of the best books I've ever read, on par with classics like Shogun."
  2. It has about 28.5 blank pages, and from a character count of the first 2 pages we get ~0.82 standard pages per actual page.