First watchEdit


At home, I would guess.


Can't remember when it was or really what I thought of it at the time. I know I've watched it, but I guess I just thought it was weird and funny and essentially forgot about it.


Probably a 1, although 0's a possibility.

Second watch (18th July 2012)Edit


At home.


I think because of the imminent release of The Dark Knight Rises Christian Bale was on my radar. I read something about Bale being attracted to the role of Bruce Wayne, seeing him as suffering on some level from an intense mental instability (or at least that's how I interpreted what I read and thought it was interesting). Anyway, that connected with American Psycho and I thought I'd watch it again, since my only memory of it was kind of caricatured.

I definitely enjoyed it, it's intense and surreal, and that's good. I suppose it's not a realistic scenario, which maybe diminishes its significance, but it remains darkly enjoyable to watch.



Ratings, awards, mentions and recommendationsEdit

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