2009 animated film.

First watch (2009/10?)Edit


At home, with Luke.


Thought it was pretty good.

Second watch (11th September 2012)Edit


At home.


I have some major criticisms of it which is a real shame because it had some particularly good bits and could have been something awesome. The voice acting was just unbelievably wooden most of the time, the humour was seriously hit-and-miss, with some genuinely funny bits prevented from building the film's momentum by regular flat ones. It had some really nice visual moments and animation, and some quite emotional parts, but as with the humour managed to stuff up some parts. The prologue part was emotional and yet constantly absurd. It's a children's film so this may be shrugged off, I guess. The second half got considerably better.

A re-edit and redubbing could make this a 3.



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