George H. Smith.

Highly recommended by the only other person on to have read The Making of the Messiah, with whom I shared a great many good books.

The review I read:

There are basically two ways in which one can argue against god and religion: either they are false or harmful. This book concerns itself with the former and in that capacity it is probably the best book ever written. It is unquestionably the best book I have ever read which takes the god-is-false approach to argue against god. Smith shows in simple, lucid reasoning how the notion of a god is an ill conceived and incoherent mish mash of purely irrational nonsense. It is difficult to conceive how anybody could be a theist after reading this book.

The book's one drawback is a chapter at the end of the book which argues for an Objectivist ethics (yuck!). I was pondering whether to give this book 4 or 5 stars and I decided that an obviously flawed short chapter concerning ethics isn't enough to seriously mar the magnificent focus of this book (which in not concerned with ethics).


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