Bad Science


Ben Goldacre


Science, medicine

Read, don't own. 370 pages.

First read (May-June 2011)Edit

11 06 08 Bad Science

Finished - June 8th '11


Adam and Emma read it before me, and it was recommended at

Emma lent it to me when I went to see her on May 22nd 2011, I started reading it on the train home. Read it at work etc and finished it on the 8th of June.

Very readable, and thoroughly engaging. Wasn't bowled over, but I was quite familiar with Goldacre's style and campaigns by the time I read it, and had recently seen him in a debate with a Science Minister and they disagreed over the value of current science coverage in the media, Goldacre's response was not compelling which gave me my first glimpse of doubt about him.

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