First play (May 2012)Edit


Saw the trailer for it and liked the look of its 'robot' theme (although I was sincerely hoping it wouldn't be dogmatically anti-robot pro-human), and decided to have a go at playing it in May 2012 after reading some good reviews of it (on reddit I think).

Offended me in a lot of ways immediately (controls were shite and arbitrary, moving was a pain in the arse, frequent 'press [random button] to do [one-off contextual action]', menus impossible to navigate, annoying third-person over-the-shoulder perspective, obligatory widescreen, *mandatory* voice-recognition that couldn't understand me), but I wanted to get in on some of the good stuff.

After booting it up for a second time on the 30th I just had enough of moving from room to room shooting waves of robots without any interesting story-line with my annoying partner and all the tutorial interruptions that I shut it down and I don't expect I'll play it again.



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