Released in 1982.

First attempt (pre-wiki)Edit

Can't remember anything about the circumstances or when it was, but I thought it was boring as balls and don't think I finished it.

First watch (19th-22nd August 2012)Edit


At home, 'final cut'.


After regularly hearing it praised I eventually decided to try watching it again. In August 2012 I was busy trying to work, as well as having an assignment resubmission due in, which kept me from watching any films, but on the 19th I watched the first 45 minutes before getting too tired and going to bed. I finished it a few days later, on the evening of the 22nd.

At first it was interesting, quite atmospheric, then it became too constantly busy and slow, by the end I was thoroughly bored, and it didn't help that the climax was full of ridiculous.

I think the only reason it's liked is because of its attention to detail in depicting the Deus Ex-style (probably based on this film) crapsack future setting, which I have no love for.

Maybe The Matrix, which I love, will be all this to a William born in 2004, but it doesn't change the fact. Sorry?



Ratings, awards, mentions and recommendationsEdit

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