Released in 1982.

First attempt (pre-wiki)Edit

Can't remember anything about the circumstances or when it was, but I thought it was boring as balls and don't think I finished it.

First watch (19th-22nd August 2012)Edit


At home, 'final cut'.


After regularly hearing it praised I eventually decided to try watching it again. In August 2012 I was busy trying to work, as well as having an assignment resubmission due in, which kept me from watching any films, but on the 19th I watched the first 45 minutes before getting too tired and going to bed. I finished it a few days later, on the evening of the 22nd.

At first it was interesting, quite atmospheric, then it became too constantly busy and slow, by the end I was thoroughly bored, and it didn't help that the climax was full of ridiculous.

I think the only reason it's liked is because of its attention to detail in depicting the Deus Ex-style (probably based on this film) crapsack future setting, which I have no love for.

Maybe The Matrix, which I love, will be all this to a William born in 2004, but it doesn't change the fact. Sorry?



Second watch (30th October 2017)Edit


At home in Osaka, alone. Final cut.


Watched it again after Shane at work wanted to watch the new Blade Runner 2049 and he asked me what I thought of the original. When I said I'd watched it a few years ago and thought at the time it was 'wanky shite' he was shocked that I would think so. He loves the movie and we have a lot in common, so I decided to rewatch it.

It was still super weird, with weird characters and weird situations and settings, but I get what it was trying to do in essence and I'm trying to force myself to understand that, from what I've read, it literally created the neo-noir look and feel which I know and love from The Matrix, Ghost in the Shell, Akira and Deus Ex. I'm a bit mystified that in 2012 I wrote that I didn't like that setting. I think I just don't like Blade Runner's quirky, dated take on it.



Ratings, awards, mentions and recommendationsEdit

Often cited as one of the most important scifi movies. Apparently inspired many works to come with its style and setting (many of which I love, including Ghost in the Shell), but I don't think it invented 'cyberpunk' so I'm really not sure what the extent of its influence is.