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Hard science fiction?

Recommended at Reddit, some sort of hard sci-fi...with vampires. Available online. Also mentioned at Less Wrong as having been nominated for a 'best novel' Hugo award.

First read (June 2012)Edit

12 06 23 Blindsight

Finished, June 23rd 2012.

12 06 23 Blindsight

Progress graph, data points are in percentages, oops.


Didn't know where to stick this information so it's here for now. The entire text is available online so I ran it through Notepad++ and found the following. It has 99135 words, and 555292 characters (that's an average of 5.6 characters per word, not far off my current assumed standard of 5.5 :)). At 350 words per page that would cover 288 pages.


Was bored with A Game of Thrones and had just finished 'Britpicking' Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality which I'd read largely on my phone, so I sort of looked for something else I could read on my phone. I originally found Blindsight online and thought I might be able to bash through it in a few days. Turned out to be an actual novel in length, so I read it from the 16th to the 23rd of June to read it.

I was vaguely perturbed the whole time by the writing style - frequently you didn't know what a sentence was talking about until half way through due to some poetic phraseology or other artistic obfuscation - and there was a great deal of scientific theory, of dubious establishment, so that overall the plot itself wasn't really the focus of the book.

But I found it very interesting, one certainly doesn't find science fiction like this even within hard science fiction, it was a great attempt at a fantastic story with thoroughly realistic (-seeming?) premises.



Reading RecordEdit

Simultaneous books: George R. R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

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