2012 Pixar movie.

First watch (10th July 2012)Edit


At the cinema (3D) in Santa Cruz, with Mum and Hannah.


Mum wanted to go to a little 'local' cinema while we were in California, and since Brave was showing despite being a month away from release in the UK I said we should watch it! Had medium expectations, hadn't seen anything to particularly excite me about it but it is a Pixar movie...

It was alright, I thought it was a bit too short and too simple, really, but at this point Pixar has made so many films they can't continue to be as awesome as they have been.



Second watch (March 2013)Edit


At the villa in Florida, with Mum, Sarah, Darren, Sandra, Ben and Luke.


Again, not that fussed.



Ratings, awards, mentions and recommendationsEdit

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