2006 film from a 2004 short film, sort of a comedy and slice-of-life thing about a young art student who can't sleep after breaking up with his girlfriend and his time spent working at Sainsbury's at night.

Saw a funny clip from it on Reddit in February 2013, and the commenters were singing its praises.

First watch (6th-7th June 2015)Edit


At home


Not at all what I was expecting. I thought it would be a tongue-in-cheek comedy pitched at chavs, but it was surprisingly philosophical.

I got a bit bored halfway through and had a break to finish it the next day, and I wasn't sure whether it would continue to enchant me or drag it out too much. But by the end I was still under its spell and I thought it did a good job. I enjoyed it. It was very different, and very enthralling. Quite a personal story, with just enough deep and meaningful stuff but without pretension (apparently it has been accused of that, but I didn't think so).



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