2006 James Bond film, the first of the Daniel Craig reboot.



I expect I watched it at the cinema in November 2006 when it first came out, and I know I watched it at least twice, possibly three times, before the first Wiki-recorded one below. I know I liked it, liking the Bond-Vesper relationship, the invention of the Vesper drink, the low-key more realistic 'gadgetry', the way it sets up the Bond character we know (paradoxically, when you consider Hannibal...).


2 or 3 I expect.

Fourth watch (October 22nd 2012)Edit


Blu-ray at home, with Mum, Sarah, and Sean.


With Skyfall imminent the subject of the first two Daniel Craig Bond films came up and Mum expressed an interest in watching them. I'd already been planning to rewatch them before going to see Skyfall (a la The Dark Knight Rises) so we agreed to do it together.

On October 22nd Mum, Sarah, Sean, and I sat down to watch it in the extension. Mum was dubious about the length and it was amusing to sit through the first ten/fifteen minutes of violence with her sighing next to me :P But she got into it and enjoyed it overall, and I definitely did.



Fifth watch (August 20th 2013)Edit


Blu-ray at home, with Luke (and Ben).


Luke hadn't watched a James Bond film before so I put this on when he was at our house during the 2013 summer hols. I wasn't really watching it properly.


I wasn't really watching it properly.

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