Christian Cantrell


Science fiction

Recommended by Emma, a hard sci-fi book that she thinks I'd like! She said it was like 50p on Kindle, so I bought it soon after getting one for my birthday in 2011.

Published in 2010, ~238-241 pages.

First read (November 2011)Edit

11 11 29 Containment

Containment - Nov 29th '11.


I read the beginning of it on the train back from Bromyard or something in September, and I thought it was "readable but there's not much to comment on so far". I was trying to read Bleak House at the time so I didn't commit to it. In November, after finishing with The Atheist's Guide to Christmas, I decided I hadn't used my Kindle for ages so I started Containment again.

I was very impressed near the beginning with a few frequently-highlighted (Kindle shows you that) passages about rationality and Occam's razor, and was looking forward to seeing how it panned out. The twist half way through made me very sceptical, but it recovered somewhat. It had a bit of a bland ending, however.



Reading RecordEdit

Previous book: The Atheist's Guide to Christmas

Next book: Trudi Canavan, The Black Magician Trilogy


Recommended by Emma.

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