Heard about on this Guardian podcast in April 2011, talking about some fairly bland stuff to do with neuroscience but his opinions were unusually good and his books Incognito and LiveWired were mentioned and sound interesting.

Watched a TED talk he gave in July 2011. He criticises "New Atheists" and their books for being too certain and then basically gives a talk that would make any of them proud. The talk was really annoying because he repeatedly criticised atheism for being as fundamentalist as theism but everything else he said could have been taken directly from any of the books he clearly hasn't read properly, if at all. The icing on the cake was when he made a joke about his "possibilianism" being used to advocate belief in psychic powers and (after the laughter died down) gave a perfectly reasonable explanation why a good possibilian scientist can still use his tools to rule out parts of "the possibility space". Precisely, David. Precisely.


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  • Wednesday is Indigo Blue
  • Why the Net Matters
  • Incognito
  • LiveWired (upcoming)

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