Anime based on a manga by Tsugumi Ohba about a teenager who finds a 'death note', a notebook used by Death Gods to kill people by writing their names in it, his ensuing use of it, and the chase between him and an anonymous crime fighter to find and kill each other.

Since first noting its existence I've seen it come up quite a lot, it's a very popular series.

First attempt (November-December 2010)Edit


At home, in Japanese with subs.


Heard about it in November 2010, I think through TV Tropes while reading discussion on Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, and it was praised as having a complex and engaging plot. I watched a couple of episodes of the anime that was made from it and enjoyed them, but would like to try reading the original manga, to see how it compares and if I can like manga at all. 12 volumes at £4 per on Amazon is a bit steep, the library!

Update 27/12/10: Nearly finished watching the anime now :P Didn't get around to going to the library. It's gotten a bit crap, probably not going to read the manga now.

Update 06/06/13: I never finished the series, leaving the final 2 or 3 episodes. It seemed to have lost the thread of how it started. I was irritated by that betrayal, and disinterested in the new goings on, so I just never watched the last episodes. However, I've just finished Hikaru no Go and loved it so much that I'm wondering if I shouldn't rewatch this. I adopted an attitude with HnG of 'don't cling too much on the plot, it's 75 episodes long it's going to be meandering, just see if it's enjoyable watching each episode as it comes' and I think maybe that's how I need to watch Death Note.



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