2011 'neonoir' (apparently) crime/thriller film, starring Ryan Gosling.

First watch (31st March - 1st April 2014)Edit


At home


I liked it, it had a very clear aesthetic that kept my attention, and a nice blend of action and character building.

I think with a different ending it could have been a 2, but I don't get why he bothered even showing up at the meeting with the last guy instead of killing him the same as 'Nino'. And I suppose it was a bit disappointing that none of the big bads were that big or bad, they all ended up being a bit pathetic and easy to beat, once you put your mind to it.



Update 25/10/14Edit

So I've found that I sorta can't get this movie out of my head. Every time I see it around I get a strong urge to watch it again, and tonight I flicked through it to absorb its ambiance again, and I think it might be better on a second viewing. It has a really strong heartbeat to it, a constant underlying aesthetic that pulls you in, and even its ending works with that. I guess he didn't have the luxury of hunting down the last guy in the same fashion as Nino because he'd threatened the girl and perhaps he didn't know where to find him so easily. The meeting was his guaranteed chance to get rid of him and by that point he'd given up all regard for his own survival.

Someone on TV tropes mentioned that the scorpion on his back represents him as the frog who gets stabbed by the scorpion, which makes the ending poetically masterful, actually.

I think I'll upgrade it to a 2, bordering on 3.

Second watch (15th November 2014)Edit


At home, with Sarah and Shaun


Sarah and Shaun were around and wanting to watch something, so I suggested Drive as I thought Shaun would enjoy it.

It was definitely good again. I love the soundtrack.