Weird weird guy. Seriously, deeply, compellingly, wrenchingly, cringingly, awesomely weird. His website is where he writes, in a nut shell, about rationality, without reservations, and The Singularity. I'm really truly torn on him, so much of what he writes is just pure, straight-talking, sense, and yet his whole ethos (see just reeks of an obvious Personality Cult, and it is certainly rather scathingly spoken of at RationalWiki[1].

The two things I remain incredibly sceptical of, and it pains me that my gut is so at odds with my brain on this one, are his obsession with The Singularity and his endorsement of cryonics. I just don't think that The Singularity is going to come about in any simple form, and I have massive reservations over his particular fanaticism over Friendly AI, and my philosophies, the very same ones that make the guy seem so right, have forced me to face the fact that death, a permanent cessation of consciousness, is truly impossible to be rationally against, which undermines the very premise that his thoughts on cryonics are founded on, and then there's the simple fact that I can't help thinking any company that purports to offer cryonics is very probably just taking advantage of what they consider to be crazy people.

I also don't like that the guy seems to be unable/unwilling to explain his beliefs/reasoning to others. I think he has a policy of assuming people's stupidity (insanity he'd probably say). His "Sequences" are a bit much, I don't think it's a good policy to keep referring, often recursively, back to other lengthy articles you've written because you can't be bothered to briefly explain the point for the coherence of the article you're writing now.


Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, up to Chapter 77 as of December 15th 2011 - READ

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Discovered here on April 29th 2012, possibly written in 1999?

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