First play (2008)Edit


Bought it on disc.


Definitely when I was living with Dan, which was 2008/9. I have no idea how I went about deciding to play it, I guess it was spotting Elder Scroll's Bethesda making a new game. I expect I bought it around when it came out late in 2008.

Loved it to pieces. I think it may have been playing an apocalyptic future setting for the first time, since I found Fallout: New Vegas to be extremely lacking (and likewise haven't enjoyed any Elder Scrolls game nearly as much as Morrowind).

But I love all of it, I loved the beginning, I loved leaving the vault, I loved the setting, I loved the story right up until it didn't go anywhere surprising or 'conspiracy theory' and was really just about water. But there were plenty of awesome and compelling and amazing sidequests and things along the way.




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