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Third book in the Hannibal series. 576 pages.

First read (September 2010)Edit

10 09 29 Hannibal

Finished - Sep 29th '10.


Bought in mid-September 2010, and started reading shortly after, after finishing The Case of the Pope. Read quickly and finished on the 29th of September. I enjoyed most of it, clearly I read it in four days, but overall I'm really not sure. What a whacko ending... I'm rather nonplussed. I think I enjoyed it less because I knew more or less how the ending was going to go and spent the entire time expecting it to lead that way. But the ending was totally barmy, I can't imagine what I'd have thought if I'd had no ideas about what was going to happen.

And I really don't think I like Hannibal's flaws, his deconstruction. I think this is going to be one for the "pretend the sequel doesn't exist" pile. Shame.

Elaborated on memory palaces, which was mildly illuminating. I'd heard they'd be in this book and was looking forward to reading about Hannibal's.

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Hannibal Lecter: Transhumanist Icon (23rd December 2013)Edit

In December 2013 I had just read The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect and found my way to an essay about Hannibal Lecter as a transhuman. It was interesting, and I'm actually intrigued as to whether the ending to the novel might be quite artistic after all. I'll have to try reading it again.