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John Williams


Fantasy, adventure, children's

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1991 Steven Spielberg movie sequel to the novel Peter and Wendy. Stars Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts, and Maggie Smith.


Watched it many, many times as a child, I remember it was a video they had at the After-School Club at Bridge and I seem to remember watching it a lot there but I admit it could have been just once for all I really know. I probably enjoyed it at a 2 level, not passionately like, for example, The Land Before Time. Robin Williams was one of my favourite actors as a kid though.

I didn't watch it again after leaving primary school as far as I know, until 2012.



At home.


I decided to rewatch it after finding out on reddit or something that it stars Dustin Hoffman as Hook!!! Also that it had Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell, as well as of course Robin Williams and Maggie Smith, all actors I know and like. I couldn't believe it was Dustin Hoffman who played Hook though, and had to see for myself.

I watched the first 45 minutes in early December probably, and the second on December 9th 2012. It was fun, and very nostalgic of course. Weird to watch a film I watched so many times as a kid but then never again for close to 15 years. Lots I didn't catch before, of course.



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