Sci-fi writer, author of The Culture novels. Best known, according to a BBC obituary[1], for The Wasp Factory, The Crow Road, and Complicity.

I first came across him when I bought Matter, from Waterstones I think, basically at random. I was seduced by the "3 for 2" stickers and thought it looked a serviceable third book I'd probably enjoy reading. It sat on my bookshelf for years where I occasionally pondered it but couldn't bring myself to read given that it was quite big and it was just a random book. I figured I'd get around to it eventually, if I was bored. Before that happened, however, I found out about The Culture series through other routes, and began in 2012 to make my way through them one by one.

He died of cancer on the 9th of July 2013, not long after announcing it on his blog.


The CultureEdit


  • Matter (2008)
  • Surface Detail (2010)
  • The Hydrogen Sonata (2012)

Links and referencesEdit


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