Interview with the Vampire


Anne Rice

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The Vampire Chronicles

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The Vampire Lestat//The Queen of the Damned

Anne Rice's first Vampire Chronicles novel, published in 1977.


302 actual pages in one edition (no in depth analysis done).



Paperback, probably the one I bought for myself, but I'm honestly not sure.


Read it way back, I don't know when. I'm almost certain I saw the film first, as a teenager, and found it delightful and dark and compelling, and I guess I read the book at some point after that. I'm not sure if I read it once or twice before the wiki. I definitely read, once, as far as Memnoch the Devil at York though. I didn't read any of the other books more than once, but this one I may well have read twice.



Second or third read (March 2013)Edit

13 04 11 Interview with the Vampire

Back home from holiday where I finished it, April 11th 2013.


Paperback 2010 Sphere edition, from Rotherham library. 302 pages long.


Got it from the library on the 14th of March, as I was finishing Kil'n People, having developed a strong urge to reread the series.

Finished it in Florida in April sometime. It's a really good book, and really well written :) I was pleasantly surprised by Claudia, I think I tend to get confused with the film's version, and also surprised at how late in the book they get to Paris.



Reading recordEdit

Previous book: David Brin, Kil'n People

Next book: Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

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