Made several online philosophy quizzes that I really really enjoyed, but when I started following his blog found him to be a new-atheist-basher.

Opinion on "New Atheism"Edit

I realised that he objects to "new atheism" when he bashed Breaking the Spell on his blog and I tried to engage him in the comments about his reasons[1].

He refused to be drawn into a discussion with me ("I’m not really a player in the new atheist wars, and I want to keep it that way!"), but kept dropping accusations anyway and then happily responded to later commentors who agreed with him. I left them to it at that point.

And now (November 2011 - nearly a year later) I come to write a quick summary on the guy since I noticed one of his books is recommended at, and I find that two months after insisting that he didn't want to discuss the subject, he started an entire series of posts "on the incivility of the new atheists" (with the civil tag "badnewatheists"). What a joke. Reviewing it all in retrospect, he comes across as the typical egotistic uncritical thinker that I habitually ignore, and I am still surprised at finding the author of those great philosophy quizzes to be such a person. I don't understand how people's minds can be so compartmentalised. I don't doubt his book below is as good as his quizzes.




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