1992 novel by Steven Gould, about a teenage boy who discovers he can teleport, using the ability to escape his abusive father and fight terrorists while avoiding the government.

Made into a disappointing film I saw after loving the trailers, but apparently first of a series that might actually be pretty good[1]? Recommended by 'alexanderwales' on r/rational too[2].


325 standard pages, I believe. 5001 locations on Kindle, which are apparently 125 characters each.

First read (August 2018)Edit




During the middle I felt my opinion falling, as I found the characters to be a bit obvious, their behaviour repetitive and predictable, and I felt the need for a serious conflict or significant challenge to his ability. By the end it still felt to me like it was missing that, but I admit I enjoyed reading his creative use of jumping to problem-solve and was having fun. I guess it's a young adult novel, although there are adult topics (several potentially disturbing ones). After reading I felt like I'd probably end up skimming over a lot of the middle on a reread, but by the time I'd read the whole series I was quite a fan of the characters and their arcs, so I don't knwo about that.


1, probably a low 1

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