Jurassic Park (film)


Steven Spielberg


John Williams


Sci-fi, adventure

Release date




1993 famous adaptation of the book.


Watched it at the cinema, I'm pretty sure, when I would have been 5 or 6. I know anyway that I loved it as a child, had many Jurassic Park toys, and even loved the second one and its range of toys.

First since wiki (24th September 2011)Edit

11 09 24 Jurassic Park

Sheffield Cineworld, September 24th 2011.


At Sheffield Cineworld, with Mum.


It was shown at the cinema for 2 weeks for its bluray release, so me and Mum went to see it. I think I gave it a 2 probably.


2 probably.

Second since wiki (23rd March 2013)Edit


On plane on the way to Florida, mostly *without* headphones on, semi-with Ben.


There were gazillions of different films, many really good ones, on the plane on the way to Florida, but I really couldn't concentrate or enjoy them on the little screen with my crappy headphones, but I was so bored I ended up sort of watching Jurassic Park without the sound, with Ben sat next to me I tried to get him into it as far as possible. It was fun to watch, but I didn't get well into it.



Third since wiki (5th April 2013)Edit


3D IMAX, at the Universal Studios park in Florida, with Mum, Sarah, Darren, Sandra, Luke, and Ben.


We went to Universal Studios on the 5th of April, towards the end of our family holiday, and noticed they were showing Jurassic Park in 3D on an IMAX screen, then realised it was the first day of its release in 3D, which was being done for its 20th anniversary. We all agreed it would be good fun to go, so we did!

It was properly awesome, really good 3D, no problems at all, and I really got into it and enjoyed it thoroughly. I noticed Ben or Luke jump when the raptor jumps up to try and catch the girl, Alex :P Must have been into it. Brilliant film!



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