Kil'n People


David Brin

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Science fiction

2002 sci-fi novel, in which people can copy themselves into temporary 'dittos' for whatever tasks they see fit.

Bought it on the 10th of February 2013 using the voucher Darren and Sandra got me for Christmas 2011.


No idea. Supposedly 501 real pages.

First read (February 2013)Edit

13 03 14 Kil'n People

Finished, March 14th 2013.

13 03 14 Kil'n People

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Kindle, and Kindle app on phone.


Thought it sounded similar to The Light of Other Days in being on the subject of the idea I came up with to solve crime and insecurities stemming from people's misconceptions about other people, by recording everything and having it available for anyone to see. Sousveillance. Not, as it turns out, quite what this book was about. Oh well.

Started it on the 21st of February 2013, having finished Permutation City and wanting to continue working through the hoard of books I'd bought with Christmas vouchers (including Zones of Thought, The City & the City, The Book of New Sun, The Light of Other Days, and A Devil's Chaplain).

Read it, kinda slowly I guess while on placement, finally finishing it the week after finishing placement - on the 14th of March. I enjoyed the unique concept of the dittos, it was cute and different and I liked the way it was handled. But the ending was far, far too crazy and mystical, so in the end it failed.



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Previous book: David Brin, Permutation City

Next book: Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire (II or III)

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