Sam Harris.


Philosophy, ethics, shite

A 2011 essay in which Harris attempts to make the case for a commitment to constant complete honesty.


26 pages according to Amazon, estimated 21 standard pages [1].

First read (September 20th 2011)Edit

11 09 21 Lying

Day after finishing - 21st August 2011


Got it for like £2.50 on September 20th 2011. It was highly recommended, and I wanted to use my Kindle :P I wasn't really expecting great things, I was extremely reluctant to spend any money on it, but the reviews from people like Ricky Gervais and Neil deGrasse Tyson were very positive. My expectation was that it'd be a sermon on complete unconditional honesty which would make Christopher Hitchens laugh.

I read it that night.

Load of shit.



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  1. Tried copying some of it into Notepad++, but couldn't grab more than a few 'locations', used the total 'location' count to estimate the character count, reaching 40596 characters.

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