This page represents my current thoughts on how book pages should be formatted.

<Name of book>Edit

<Name of book>


<Author> (wikilinked)


<List of genres>


<Name of series>

Preceded by

<Previous book in the series>

Followed by

<Following book in the series>

<A brief summary of the following facts: whether I own the book, whether I've read it, when it was published - if published in multiple volumes then "Published in <x> volumes:" followed by a list:

  • <Name of first volume> (<date published>)

Whether there should be any more here I'm not yet sure of. I've previously thought there should be a summary of my history with the book, i.e. why I added it to the wiki in the first place, but I've also put that sort of information in the Journal subsection of the First Read section[1]. I'm not sure which is best.>

<First|Second|...> read (<Month and year, e.g. January-February 2012>)Edit



<Paperback or hardback, year of edition (not sure why, just felt it would help me identify the edition I read in the future), and number of pages. If there are multiple volumes, each should be listed separately like so:

  • <Name of book>: <year> <paperback|hardback> edition. <x> pages.

I have sometimes included how I got the book here[2], but other times in the Journal section[1]. Not sure which is best.>



<Name of volume> (if multiple)

<A journal of the reading, including dates, circumstances, and thoughts.>


<A rating, if the book is complete, according to the current rating system, wikilinked to that page.>

Reading recordEdit

Previous book: <Book, or individual volume if it wasn't all of them[3], read immediately before this one.>

Simultaneous books: <Books read during the reading of this one. Try to be strict about this.>

Next book: <Book, or individual volume if it wasn't all of them[3], read immediately after this one>

Ratings, awards, mentions and recommendationsEdit

<Any relevant accolades. Include: ranks on important reading lists, recommendations by friends, "Top Pick!". That's all I can think of at the moment.>

Links and referencesEdit

<As needed.>

References (for this page)Edit

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  2. Daemon (Feb 2012)
  3. 3.0 3.1 Why does E=mc2? (Feb 2012) - not sure if it should be that way around or rather Daemon #1 (Daemon) though

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