2017 Netflix original crime drama about a money laundering accountant taking his family to the middle of nowhere with one last chance to use his skills to launder 8 million dollars in 3 months, to prove his worth to the cartel.

First watch (July/August 2017)Edit


Watched on Netflix with Mum while in the UK in Summer 2017


Mum put the first episode on after we'd finished the last couple of seasons of Luther and I wasn't paying much attention (but still had to explain what happened to her at the end :P). Then we watched the next two episodes together and I started to take a lot of interest.

Episode 1 (late July 2017): 0

Episodes 2-3: 1, maybe verging on 2

Episodes 4-9: ranging between 0 and 2, I got a bit fed up of the repeated dramas and the flashback episode seemed unnecessary, but I was still enjoying the characters, setting, and the unfolding main drama a lot.

Episode 10 (August 26th 2017): really good episode, even though maybe the ending dragged a little. I feel like every character was unique and deep and riveting.

Overall: 2. Fantastic set of characters, fantastic acting, great storyline, overall really solid with only minor weak moments. Not a 3 perhaps because in the end despite each character being great, there wasn't one that was really tailored to thrill me. My only real kinda gripe or criticism is that I'm not really convinced that Marty would have been treated the way he was by Del after he'd been convinced of his skill and decided to hire him. Both in the first episode and the last, it didn't make sense to me that Del would be so ready to lose him. The only way to explain it is that he isn't as cool, rational and calculating as he otherwise seemed to be portrayed.


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