1911 The original Peter Pan novel (actually adapted from a play based on a short story or something, but by the original author).

First readEdit


Kindle. 162 pages according to Amazon. Roughly 249102 characters long[1], which is 129 standard pages.


On November 21st 2012 I came across a compelling Kickstarter to adapt Peter Pan into a graphic novel, which I never realised was originally a novel. The graphic novel looked really good, and praised the original source material as 'beautiful' and 'inspired'[2] which made me really want to read it.

I found it for free on Amazon for Kindle and downloaded it right away. Won't necessarily read it yet though.

Ratings, awards, mentions and recommendationsEdit

Recommended by artist Renae De Liz, who plans to adapt it into an awesome-looking graphic novel.

Links and referencesEdit

  1. Based on the plaintext version on Project Gutenberg, which has a few illustration 'tags', using Notepad++
  2. "The original story is one of the most beautiful, inspired things I have ever read"

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