Anime on which the fanfiction To the Stars was based.

First attempt (September-October 2012)Edit


At home.


After figuring out why I had a link to To the Stars bookmarked in September 2012, I thought I'd have a bash at watching the anime, as it sounded mildly interesting. Watched the first episode on the 22nd. Weird...

On the 23rd of October I sat down to watch the 8th episode. I'm just so completely fucking sick of bullshit sexism in anime. Girls whinging and whining and crying and sniffling and the whole genre is just so full of shit. I cannot understand why any rational grown man could watch what is obviously for teenagers.

After finishing episode 8 I spent a few minutes reading about it on TV Tropes and so on, and decided I wasn't interested in watching the rest. I watched a few brief excerpts from the last couple of episodes and I'm convinced I wouldn't have been interested.



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