I went to see it being filmed once! Saw the 'Girls and Boys' episode (season 7 episode 7).

First watchthrough (pre-wiki)Edit




Just watched it a various times when I saw it on. Not sure when I first saw it, probably in the first series though.

Second watchthrough (2012)Edit


At home. 9 seasons.


Catching up to Season J

Decided to watch the whole thing while at home in 2012 (a nice distraction from whatever else I was supposed to be doing). Paid most attention to the first few seasons, then they started blending together. Noticeably more familiar with the F or G season (can't remember which now), so I guess that's probably when I watched it most the first time around. In late September I caught up with the new episodes (beginning of the J season)!

Rob Brydon does my head in.

Jimmy Carr may be a tax evader, but he's a dude.


Season J

Missing the conspicuous loss of the 'General Ignorance' section :( The buzzers have become rather obselete, they're introduced as usual at the beginning and then rarely used, and it was nice to change the pace a bit towards the end with a 'hands on buzzers everyone'. It took me to February 17th to realise the season had finished, I was still waiting for some good episodes :/

Season J

Realised it was being broadcast a few weeks in and started watching it on the 1st of October 2013.

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