River Out of Eden


Richard Dawkins

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Richard Dawkins' fourth book. Own and read.


140 standard pages long[1].

First read (February 2013)Edit

13 02 15 River Out of Eden

Finished, February 15th 2013.

13 02 15 River Out of Eden

Progress graph, generated by Goodreads.


1995 Basic Books American paperback edition. 161 pages long.


Bought it second-hand in a bookstore in San Francisco (Green Apple Books where Clement Street meets 6th Avenue) in July 2012, along with The Dragons of Eden.

Started reading it mid February 2013, after finishing How to Lie with Statistics. Finished it on the 14th of February, in bed. It was short and not very illuminating, but I think it was written for wider audiences than his previous books, so not really for me. Not bad, though.



Reading recordEdit

Previous book: Darrell Huff, How to Lie with Statistics

Next book: Greg Egan, Permutation City

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Links and referencesEdit

  1. Available online, 269360 characters long according to Notepad++.

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