Sense and Sensibility


Jane Austen


Social criticism, romance

I own a copy, must have been bought it. 289 pages.

First read (February-March 2011)Edit

11 03 09 Sense and Sensibility

Finished - Mar 9th '11


Not on any lists, or one I particularly earmarked to read, but I ended up with a new copy of it sometime in the 00s and it was sat on my bookshelf for a few years. After giving up on A History of God in February 2011 I was looking over this wiki (and GoodReads which I'd just joined) and realised Jane Austen and Mary Shelley (Frankenstein), publishing in the 1810s, are the earliest authors on any of my lists by nearly 20 years (until Charles Dickens). Although this only raised my curiosity, the fact that Austen's novels were published over 6 years starting 200 years ago this year, Sense and Sensibility being the first in 1811, and that I had it sitting on my shelf uncalled-for, I was compelled to read it!

Finished on the 9th of March 2011. Thought it was a bit long and rambling at first. Although I was enjoying the style it seemed to be a pointless extended satire of the sorts of people, presumably, Austen was familiar with. But the plot kept on moving and soon after was interesting (I can't help talking in Austen's style!) again.

Rating and awardsEdit


Reading RecordEdit

Previous book: Karen Armstrong, A History of God (first attempt)

Next book: Maggie Gee, The Ice People (first attempt)

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