Snow Crash


Neal Stephenson


Science fiction, cyberpunk

Own and read. 440 pages.

First read (June/July 2011)Edit

11 07 04 Snow Crash

Finished - 4th July 2011


Got it from Edwin for Christmas 2010. Not sure exactly why it was put on the original list that became this wiki, possibly just as an example of a cyberpunk novel from some list or other.

After finishing 1984 in June 2011 I decided to sink my teeth into three sci-fi books I had on my shelf. I started with Blood Music and on June 24th moved on to Snow Crash. I thought I'd read some Neal Stephenson before when I picked it up, but I think it's just having heard about the book The Diamond Age a few times. He looks a bit loopy in his photos, goatee and all.

The beginning was fairly amusing :P About a third of the way I realised nothing really interesting had actually happened, and figured I was on track for a bit of a dud book. By the time I got towards the end I was pretty tired of it and ready to give it a 2/5 (0 in the current system, see below) for being boring, having a stupid plot and being set in a bizarre world with unbelievable characters. However, the finale sequence was actually really well executed and I'm a bit more on-board with the setting after it, but I can't forget how I felt most of the way through so I'm not boosting it to a 3 despite the temptation. It does mean I'm inclined again to read The Diamond Age, which I had written off.

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Number 7 on the r/PrintSF 2013 poll.