Star Wars Episode III


Matthew Stover


Science fiction, fantasy

Owned and read. Novelisation of the film. 480 pages.

First read (May 2011)Edit

11 05 22 Star Wars Episode III

Couple of days after finishing - May 22nd '11


Being a novelisation of a film would certainly not sell it to me under normal circumstances but this one is mentioned a lot on's page for the film and sounds like it has a lot of depth. Although I expected that some of the author's interpretations would be, in my opinion, erroneous, I was persuaded to buy it from Amazon after reading about it, on April 4th 2011.

Read the first four chapters one night (May 14th 2011) after debating whether to watch a film or not and being unable to find my USB stick to watch it in my room. It was obviously compelling enough to get me to read it for two and a half hours straight! Over the next week I read it in large chunks in bed, finishing it on May 20th 2011. I was well in to it up to the finale, but the ending was rushed I feel and the increasing inability to philosophically take either side was distracting.

Rating and awardsEdit


Reading RecordEdit

Simultaneous books: J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings (second read)

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