2012 reboot of the franchise.

First watch (3rd July 2012)Edit


At the cinema (3D) in San Francisco.


Was staying in San Francisco for a few days in July 2012 and wanted to go to the cinema. Found one near our hotel, an AMC where Van-Ness and O'Farrell meet, which was showing Brave (before it was released in the UK) and this, and I ended up seeing this.

It was certainly entertaining, with a few laughs. The acting was good and the story was well constructed. I think I'm a bit tired of superhero films, perhaps, or maybe it's just the cliché origin story, so I was a bit more critical as I was watching it, comparing it to multiple other films I've watched in recent years. For example I noticed that both Spiderman and the villain were often in shadow and hard to see in detail, which contrasts with previous Spiderman films (for better or worse?).

Anyway, it was decent, better than another Toby Maguire one.

It was also ridiculously similar to the recent Batman films (in certain details, like parental loss, vigilantism and conflict with the law).



Ratings, awards, mentions and recommendationsEdit

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