The Commonwealth Saga


Peter F. Hamilton


Science fiction

Preceded by

Misspent Youth

Followed by

The Void Trilogy

Read, don't own. Published in 2 books:

  • Pandora's Star (2004, ~1200 pages)
  • Judas Unchained (2005, similar in length)

(total 2000+ pages)

First read (March-July 2010)Edit

Pandora's Star (March-June)Edit

10 06 16 Pandora's Star - webcam shot

Pandora's Star - Jun 16th '10.

Started reading it around the 31st of March or shortly before I guess, judging by the history of this article. Adam had been reading it, and Ed's also read it (and liked it a lot), so I'd seen it around and thought I'd give it a bash. I read it slowly at first, and indeed started to lose botheredness altogether particularly after realising the Silfen were supposed to be elves (in a sci-fi book...) but there was enough of interest to keep me going and I finished it on June the 11th, while camping with friends in the Yorkshire Dales.

It was very interesting, a good read for the themes and ideas it goes over. I started the next part soon after finishing it, since Adam had it on him while we were camping.



Judas Unchained (June-July)Edit

10 07 06 Judas Unchained - webcam shot

Judas Unchained - Jul 6th '10.

Started reading June 11th 2010, or a day or two later, while camping. I'd taken Pandora's Star with me and finished it, and Adam happened to be reading Judas Unchained allowing me to carry on the story immediately. On returning to York I borrowed it from the library to continue it, and finally finished it a few days after leaving York on July 6th, borrowing it from Adam to complete the last hundred pages.

Great read overall, interesting, engaging, long and worth it. Looking forward to The Void Trilogy.





Reading recordEdit

Previous book: Sam Harris, The End of Faith

Next book: Richard Adams, Watership Down

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