'Lens of Sanity'. Published in early 2011. Available online.

First read (September 2012)Edit

12 09 27 The Dark Lord's Equal

Finished, September 26th 2012.

12 09 26 The Dark Lord's Equal

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On my Kindle, from the online version at 308507 characters long, or 160 standard pages.


Recommended at r/HPMOR in September 2012, apparently HPMOR-inspired.

Read it from the 23rd or 24th, to the 26th. Started off fun, but it was really total shite. Boring, annoying, Harry's attitude was stupid, he's supposed to be 60 or something but the author completely failed to prevent him from thinking at their level of maturity, everyone's sleeping with everyone else, it's just absurd. And the ending totally failed to have any sort of emotional impact or interest for me. It wasn't clever, emotional, surprising, amusing, the text equivalent of lots of lights and fast-moving shiny things. There was some attempt at interesting new magic theory, but it just wound me up far too much for me to appreciate it.



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Previous book: Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species

Next book: Julian Baggini, The Ego Trick

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