1986 sci-fi horror film. Stars Jeff Goldblum.



I'm sure I watched it at Charlotte's but my memories are muddled. Seem to recall an inside-out dog that's kept alive until the end of the film... there's an inside-out baboon but it's only near the beginning, so who knows whether I'm merging two films, misremembering this one, or had a nightmare about it the baboon being alive.

UPDATE: Turns out the dog I remembered was from The Fly II, although I don't know how, or when, I would have watched that film.


Dunno but I think I had nightmares.

Second watch (October 25th 2012)Edit


At home, Sarah joined me about 20 minutes in.


Watched it on the night of the 25th of October 2012, about 2 in the morning. Sarah came back from work and watched most of it with me.

So amazingly gruesome and squicky, loving the pre-CGI horror stuff (The Thing was awesome too).



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