Published in 1975.

First attempt (September 2012)Edit

12 09 27 The Illuminatus! Trilogy

Finished, September 26th 2012.

12 09 26 The Illuminatus! Trilogy

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Kindle. 805 pages officially, 1619691 characters[1], which is 841 standard pages.


Thought it looked interesting. Bought it on the 14th of August 2012, for 99p in the 'Kindle Reading Marathon' sale, with the £25 voucher Darren and Sandra got me for Christmas. Waited until I'd finished reading On the Origin of Species before picking it as my next read.

Started reading it on the 20th of September. Confused me greatly from the beginning, became suddenly dubious. Kept reading it until about page 40 before diverting myself with The Dark Lord's Equal, then read up to page 48 on September 26th before deciding I didn't like it.

Too mental, couldn't follow who was supposed to be saying what and when, or why half the time. Just didn't enjoy it, maybe you're supposed to find stupid conspiracy theories titillating. It just irritated me how it kept bouncing around and throwing in stupid bizarre paragraphs about some dolphin or what the hell ever elsewhere going about its business. I'm sure it's all reeally funny and I just didn't get it...



Reading recordEdit

Previous book: Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species

Simultaneous book: Lens of Sanity, The Dark Lord's Equal

Next book: Julian Baggini, The Ego Trick

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  1. Used Notepad++ to count the entire thing from here.

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