2012 French mystery/supernatural?/drama series adapting a film or book or something.

First watch (May-July 2013)Edit


At home, with Mum, Sarah and Shaun.


Mum was watching it on TV in June 2013 and I saw a bit of the third episode and decided I'd catch up and join in.

Episode 1 (2nd July 2013)

I meant to catch up by the time Mum got back from Glastonbury but I didn't even start it, but on the 2nd of July I cracked open the first episode. It was very good, I was pulled in and enjoyed it greatly.


Episode 2 (3rd July 2013)

Watched the day after the first episode. It's still alright, although I'm starting to wonder whether it's going to maintain a high level of storytelling credibility or try too hard to be mysterious. Two problems: why is the doctor woman keeping the weird boy? There was a hint at the end of the episode about her problems, and if she maybe lost a child once this might be believable. Second, is why does Simon not react to Adele calling him a ghost? Puzzling. Anyway, we really don't know much yet.

Only just realised this episode that the returned aren't all people on the bus, just Camille. I was also assuming the returned were basically normal people now that they're back, but Mum had assumed the woman from the first episode survived the house fire where I was just confused about where she'd gone, lol. Looks like they do have super powers of some sort.


Episodes 4 and 5 (by 19th July 2013)

Watched episode 4 at some point, and then 5 on July 19th, both with Mum, Sarah and Shaun. Still interesting! Things are beginning to take shape... but I still don't know what's going on.


Episodes 6-8 (by 31st July 2013)

Watched the last episode on Mum's birthday, July 31st. It didn't answer any questions but it was still a good watch and I'm looking forward to the next series :)




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