The Riftwar Legacy


Raymond E. Feist


Fantasy, high fantasy

Preceded by

The Serpentwar Saga

Followed by

Legends of the Riftwar

Have started, and I own the first two books. The first book, Krondor: The Betrayal was written based on the main storyline of a video game Feist worked with (which became extremely popular and acclaimed) and is set after The Riftwar Saga (see this timeline). Published in three books:

  • Krondor: The Betrayal (1998)
  • Krondor: The Assassins (1999)
  • Krondor: Tear of the Gods (2000)
  • Possibly more to come...?[1]

First readEdit

Krondor: The Betrayal (March 2010)Edit

10 03 26 Krondor, The Betrayal - webcam shot

Krondor: The Betrayal - Mar 26th '10.

It had been a few years since I'd last read Raymond E. Feist's books and I'd been meaning to carry on for a while. I'd found Krondor: The Betrayal in my collection I received from my cousins and brought it to York in case the fancy took me, and I read it from the 11th to the 25th of March 2010, after finishing God is Not Great.

I enjoyed reading it because it was nice to return to fantasy, but I didn't really like what it brought to the series - sympathy towards moredhel, a new magician with Pug's powers, the old characters were boring in it. It just didn't sit well, but I'll see how the two books which follow it go.



Reading Record

Previous Book: Christopher Hitchens, God is Not Great

Next Book: Sam Harris, The End of Faith


So I just noticed on Wikipedia that there's apparently some sort of dispute over The Riftwar Legacy and it isn't even finished or something... Quite possibly ought to just skip it and read the next bit.



Links and referencesEdit

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