1982 horror film.

First watch (30th September 2012)Edit


At home.


After its 2011 prequel was at the cinema and looked quite good, I thought I'd watch the original. For several months I was planning to watch it but never got around to it. I don't think I was expecting much, figuring it was pretty old, but it did occur to me that it belongs to the same era as Alien, which gave me hope.

Watched it on the 30th of September, after nearly watching it every night for almost a week. As it began, I was preoccupied with considering how I'd seen films and just gone crazy with irritation at the ridiculous editing but that for some reason I wasn't irritated with this one. Something to think about I guess. I loved it. The pacing, the effects, it was a brilliant, gory, psychological, tense, horror film. Just the sort of thing I would have loved to have watched as a sub-18 teenager.

Having watched it now, I see that TV Tropes says it's considered by some to be the greatest horror film ever made, and I can definitely see why.



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Links and referencesEdit

The 20-page story The Things by sci-fi author Peter Watts makes the thing surprisingly sympathetic.

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