2011 prequel to the original 1982 film.

First watch (2nd October 2012)Edit


At home.


After thoroughly enjoying the original a few nights before, I rushed on to devour this, its 2011 prequel.

Very. Very. Disappointed.

Standard modern crap. Just about everything wrong done these days in films was done.

Most interesting thing of note was the use of CGI in this one versus the models and animatronics in the original - I watched the 1982 film with interest, knowing it would all be CGI today, and really really enjoyed the visceral reality of an obviously physically present model. The CGI in this film just utterly failed to capture. Maybe it's just the film itself being crap, that a good film would have made the CGI work. Maybe it's just knowing they couldn't do any better with models you allow yourself to being taken in. Maybe it's just nostalgia. But maybe it's okay if it's one of those.


-1, -2 was tempting

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