The Twits


Roald Dahl


Children's book



Read and own.

First read (pre-wiki)Edit


1982 paperback Puffin edition, doesn't look that old but I don't know whether I got it new or what. 87 pages, 28 lines per page, 40 full pages (easier to count that than the blanks...). 43600 characters total[1], making it 23 'standard' pages long.


Bit shit, but it's a kid's book. Fairly amusing I suppose, if you want me to be lenient. It was short. Probably no worse than good ol' Dick King Smith.

Ratings, awards, mentions and recommendationsEdit

Number 81 on the BBC's Big Read.

Links and referencesEdit

  1. Based on 1090 characters on page 56 according to Notepad++.

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