2004 M. Night Shyamalan fantasy thriller.

Amazing film, possibly my favourite. If I could go to the cinema to watch any film again it might be this one. First watched with Mum at the cinema in Sheffield. Love the score, my most listened-to album I'm certain. Chilling, and enchanting.

First watch (2004)Edit


At the cinema (Cineworld in Sheffield I think), with Mum and possibly some others


We knew Shyamalan from The Sixth Sense and Signs, both of which we loved, and went in looking forward to seeing his next film. I vaguely remember Mum suggesting we go to see it and being interested in the connection, but not in the way I would be now. I mean, I was only 16 and barely sentient.

I loved it to pieces, loved the score, loved the story, loved the setting, loved the characters, loved the look and feel.


3, I'm pretty sure

2015 watch (24th September 2015)Edit


At home with Mum, Sarah, Shaun, Mel and Rich


Shortly after The Visit came out, Mum invited her friend from work, Mel, to watch this one which she hadn't seen with us. Sarah and Shaun came over too and we made a night of it.

At first I wasn't sure - having kinda had enough after The Visit of the Shyamalan moody deep and meaningful vibe - that I'd still be able to enjoy this one, but boy did I. I loved it. Everything was awesome.



Ratings, awards, mentions and recommendationsEdit

Great soundtrack (James Newton Howard)

Contender for my favourite film of all time.

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