Why does E=mc2?


Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw


Popular science - physics

Read, don't own. Published in 2009.

First read (January 2012)Edit

12 01 24 Why does E=mc^2

Finished! Jan 24th '12.


2009 hardback edition, borrowed from a colleague of Mum's. 242 pages.


12 01 24 Why does E=mc^2

Was not 320 pages long.

Added it to The List plenty of time ago, but Mum mentioned a friend at work was reading it near the end of 2011 and asked if I wanted her to borrow it for me. I said sure, and that I'd make it the next book I read so she could take it back.

Started reading it on the 11th of January 2012, on the train and bus home from uni, after finishing the first book of The Age of the Five Trilogy the day before.

Finished on the 24th of January 2012. Learned a lot from it, nothing I hadn't heard before, but it takes a book like this to teach it to you. I have a lot of gripes about it though, it really couldn't get the pitch right. I was frequently screaming in my head for more explanation or for something to be clarified, or because something had blatantly been missed out, and then other times I just knew that nobody had read this and understood it without already knowing it.

So, not brilliant, but did give me lots to chew on.



Reading recordEdit

Previous book: Trudi Canavan, Priestess of the White (The Age of the Five Trilogy #1)

Next book: Daniel Suarez, Daemon (Daemon #1)

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